I watched Trump’s press conference, so you didn’t have to. Let me tell you it was really f***ing hard to watch and not just turn it off. From attacking our election process to allegations of making up fake ballots to help Biden. Trump spouted every conspiracy theory there is around the election to try and sow as much doubt as he can. Much of what he said was false and shouldn’t be said by a sitting President it is important to know what was said and know the facts surrounding it.

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Immediately when he got to the podium, he continued…

The 2020 presidential election might be the most important presidential election in modern history and definitely will be the most interesting to watch happen. There’re very few uniquely important events in life we as a country get to watch unfold live on every major news network. However, election night always seems like information overload, just having so much information thrown at you at one time and not being able to filter it can be overwhelming. Good thing I’m here for you and I’ll help you figure out what to filter out this 2020 presidential election. …

Could it happen?

The protest continued through the weekend and into the third week against police brutality. Many of these protestors are calling for defunding of the police and/or the disbanding of the police. While conservative outlets and commentators continue to argue that “it’s just one bad cop” again for the nth time so there is no need to defund them. Even arguing that violent crime would go up if we cut their budget at all. But what would happen if we defund the police? Could it even happen? Would it look like what the protestors want?

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Riot Police

What would defunding look like?


The White Savior Complex

Voluntourism is done with the best intentions but can have consequences that aren’t foreseen by the people who are just wanting to help. While not inherently bad it does lead to consequences that can severely hurt the communities that they are there to help but it doesn’t always negatively affect those communities. It’s a balancing act of benefits and consequences that we as a society have to determine if it is more of a detrimental act than a beneficial one. …

Universal healthcare is a hotly debated topic in the United States right now. It seems like it’s talked about every day on one of the 24-hour news channels. In my opinion, neither side does a good job talking about universal healthcare. I know that I couldn’t either it’s a nuanced topic that is very difficult to address accurately. However, I rarely hear about some of the things I feel are insanely important when you discuss whether or not the United States should adopt universal healthcare. One of which is how healthcare is intrinsically tied to your employer. …

Minneapolis will recover from these protests. AutoZone will recover from this and so will Target. However, George Floyd won’t recover after these protests because 4 officers decided forgery is a death sentence. During these protests, there have been individuals who have decided this was an opportune time to loot and destroy properties but 99% of the people protesting won’t be involved in the looting and destruction of property. Of that 99 % of people not involved all of them will be targeted by police with a rubber bullet and the National Guard with tear gas to “break up” the “riots”…

  1. What is a UBI?
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Universal Basic Income is a program that in recent times globally has gained a lot of traction. Since Andrew Yang’s Campaign took off in social media, we have seen it being talked about on many different news channels and news sites. In Yang’s plan, it would be universal taking the word as mean everyone receives it no matter how much you make. While not all plans have to be universal according to research done by Hoynes and Rothstein “The first term, “universal,” is more ambiguous. In our reading, universal refers to a program that is available…

The Scottish referendum was a huge moment in the history of Scotland with a close vote to keep them within the UK. In 2014 the UK held a referendum in Scotland on whether Scotland would become an independent country outside of the UK. The vote results were 45% on yes to becoming an independent nation to 55% voting to stay within the UK. The Scottish National Party (SNP) was a big supporter of the Scottish referendum and the only party to support the yes vote in the referendum. Right after the 2014 referendum would be the 2015 general election within…

Let’s start with a question. Who’s happy with Congress? Right! No one! Well, not really according to the most recent poll average by Real Clear Politics it’s 29.3% of people. With such a low approval rating why don’t they try and change it? It’s probably the fact that there is statistically higher approval for everyone’s congressperson around 45% of people approved of their senators. What’s causing such a difference in people who approve of their senator than Congress as a whole. …

“Not left not right but forward” is one of the many slogans for Andrew Yang’s campaign alongside “Humanity first” and many other great one-liners. One of the first candidates to announce they were running for the Democrat’s nomination for President. He came into the race with very little name recognition and virtually no support in polling. To come as far as he did with the current average polling putting him in sixth place with a 3% average is amazing. And we will continue to see Yang in the next two debates and perhaps even longer.

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Is he important?

Well, this is a more…

Dalton Rasmus

Hello, I’m Dalton and I am studying Political Science at UMKC graduating in the spring of 2020. I hope my articles interest you and you find them informative.

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